Royal Cremation Ceremony
The Offering of Sandalwood Flowers by the People
26 September 2017

A total of 85 replicas of the Royal Crematorium have been constructed nationwide. Out of this number,   76 are located in 76 provinces and nine in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

As for Bangkok and nearby provinces, the replicas are located at the Royal Plaza, Lan Khon Mueang in front of the Bangkok City Hall, the former Headquarters of the Government Lottery Office, Nagaraphirom Park, King Rama I Monument area, the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom, and Thupatemi Royal Thai Air Force Sports Stadium in Pathum Thani.

In Bangkok, a number of floral niches will be set up in various temples, as well as other designated areas, where members of the public will be able to present sandalwood flowers as a final tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol. Specifically, there will be 16 large niches, 26 medium-sized niches, and 62 small niches set up across the city. 

In the provinces, more than 800 designated sites have been arranged. There are 617 medium-sized niches and 185 small niches. Out of this number, 669 are located in temples, and 209 niches have been placed  at other designated locations. They include temples, provincial town halls, district offices, schools, stadiums, public parks and other significant places. 

In foreign countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the Royal Thai Embassies, Consulates and Thai temples overseas to arrange 96 designated sites, in 94 countries, for the offering of sandalwood flowers    by the people. 

The public can make sandalwood flower tributes at all designated sites, where large LED screens will be installed, enabling the people to view the live broadcast of the ceremony at Sanam Luang.

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