Royal Cremation Ceremony
Sandalwood Flower Offering Points in Bangkok during the Royal Cremation Ceremony
18 October 2017

During the Royal Cremation Ceremony, people will be able to offer sandalwood flowers at 105 offering points, which have been installed throughout Bangkok so that the public may express their mourning for the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On 26 October 2017, ceremonies for the placing of sandalwood flowers will begin as of 9:00 a.m. The locations of the sandalwood flower offering points are as follows:


42 Sandalwood Flower Offering Points

1.             Santi Chaiprakarn Garden, Phra Nakhon District

2.             Bangkok Navy Base, Bangkok Noi District

3.             Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok Noi District

4.             King Rama VIII Bridge, Bang Phlat District

5.             Central World Ground, Pathumwan District

6.             Royal Thai Army Headquarter, Phra Nakhon District

7.             Supachalasai Stadium, Pathumwan District

8.             Wat Debsirin Temple, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

9.             Wat Bovoranives Temple, Phra Nakhon District

10.         Hua Mak Indoor Stadium Court, Bang Kapi District

11.         Thai-Japan Bangkok Youth Center Ground, Din Daeng District

12.         Chaloem Phrakiat Sport Training Center, Thung Khru District

13.         King Rama IV Garden, Phrawet District

14.         King Rama VI Statue Ground, Lumpini Garden, Pathumwan District

15.         Kasikorn Bank Head Office Ground, Ratchaburana District

16.         Fashion Island Shopping Mall Ground, Khan Na Yao District

17.         Frontage Road at the front of Wat Dusittaram School, Bangkok Noi District

18.         Bangkok City Library Front, Phra Nakhon District

19.         Democracy Monument Roundabout, Phra Nakhon District

20.         Deves Insurance Public Company Front, Phra Nakhon District

21.         The entrance of Wat Parinayok Alley, Phra Nakhon District

22.         Agricultural Land Reform Office, Phra Nakhon District

23.         Cho Po Ro intersection, Phra Nakhon District

24.         Makkhawan intersection, Phra Nakhon District

25.         Thai Airways International Public Company (Lan Luang), Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

26.         Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

27.         Manangkhasila House, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

28.         Hua Lamphong Train Station, Pathumwan District

29.         Central Park of Central Plaza Shopping Mall (King Rama II), Bang Khun Thian District

30.         Chatuchak Market, Chatuchak District

31.         Chaeng Watthana Government Complex, Laksi District

32.         Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Laksi District

33.         Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense (Sri Saman), Nonthaburi

34.         Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok Noi District

35.         Wat Ratchabophit Temple, Phra Nakhon District

36.         Wat Burana Sirimattayaram Temple, Phra Nakhon District

37.         Wat Indra Wiharn Temple, Phra Nakhon District

38.         Wat Mahannoppharam Temple, Phra Nakhon District

39.         Marble Temple, Dusit District

40.         Wat Rachathiwat Temple, Dusit District

41.         Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Temple, Dusit District

42.         Wat Trai Mit Temple, Dusit District


Another 63 temples in 50 districts of Bangkok

1.             Wat Makut Kasattayaram Temple, Phra Nakhon District

2.             Wat Tri Totsathep Temple, Phra Nakhon District

3.             Wat Sangwet Witsayaram Temple, Phra Nakhon District

4.             Wat Buranasiri Mattayaram Temple, Phra Nakhon District

5.             Wat Ratchabophit Temple, Phra Nakhon District

6.             Wat Sukhantharam Temple, Dusit District

7.             Wat Chanthara Samosorn Temple, Dusit District

8.             Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani Temple, Dusit District

9.             Wat Noi Nopphakhun Temple, Dusit District

10.         Wat Saket Temple, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

11.         Wat Sunthorn Thammatharn Temple, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

12.         Wat Sommanat Temple, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District

13.         Wat Chaichana Songkhram Temple (Wat Tuek), Samphanthawong District

14.         Wat Chakkawat Rachawat Temple, Samphanthawong District

15.         Wat Awut Wikasitaram Temple, Bang Phlat District

16.         Wat Phanu Rangsi Temple, Bang Phlat District

17.         Wat Duang Khae Temple, Pathumwan District

18.         Wat Pathumwanaram Temple, Pathumwan District

19.         Wat Welurachin Temple, Thonburi District

20.         Wat Prayun Wongsawat Temple, Thonburi District

21.         Wat Khlong Toei Nai Temple, Khlong Toei District

22.         Wat Phitchayatikaram Temple, Khlong Sarn District

23.         Wat Phraya Suren Temple, Khlong Sam Wa District

24.         Wat Rat Satthatham Temple (Bang Chan), Khanna Yao District

25.         Wat Samian Nari Temple, Chatuchak District

26.         Wat Ratcha Orot Temple, Chom Thong District

27.         Wat Don Meuang Temple, Don Meuang District

28.         Wat Phrom Wongsaram Temple, Din Daeng District

29.         Wat Ratchada Thitsatharn Temple, Taling Chan District

30.         Wat Puranawat Temple, Thawi Watthana District

31.         Wat Thung Khru Themple, Thung Khru District

32.         Wat Chao Am Temple, Bangkok Noi District

33.         Wat Sang Krachai Temple, Bangkok Yai District

34.         Wat Thep Leela Temple, Bang Kapi District

35.         Wat Sakae Ngam Temple, Bang Khun Thian District

36.         Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Temple, Bang Khen District

37.         Wat Ratchasingkhon Temple, Bang Ko Laem District

38.         Wat Boonya Pradit Temple, Bang Khae District

39.         Wat Matchantikaram Temple, Bang Sue District

40.         Wat Bang Na Temple, Bang Na District

41.         Wat Bang Bon Temple, Bang Bon District

42.         Wat Hua Lamphong Temple, Bang Rak District

43.         Wat Nuan Chan Temple, Bueng Kum District

44.         Wat Thung Setti Temple, Prawet District

45.         Wat Phai Tan Temple, Phayathai District

46.         Wat Wachiratham Sathit Temple, Phra Khanong District

47.         Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen Temple, Phasi Charoen District

48.         Wat Bamphen Neua Temple, Minburi District

49.         Wat Pariwat Ratchasongkhram Temple, Yannawa District

50.         Wat Dit Hongsaram Temple, Ratchathewi District

51.         Wat Rat Burana Temple, Rat Burana District

52.         Wat Lannaboon Temple, Lat Krabang District

53.         Wat Sakhonsoon Prachasan Temple, Lat Phrao District

54.         Wat Bueng Thonglang Temple, Wang Thonglang District

55.         Wat That Thong Temple, Watthana District

56.         Wat Yang Temple, Suan Luang District

57.         Wat Lat Bua Khao Temple (Rat Yotha) Saphan Sung District

58.         Wat Yannawa Temple, Sathorn District

59.         Wat Yudi Bamrungtham Temple (Wat O-ngoen), Sai Mai District

60.         Wat Udom Rangsi Temple, Nong Khaem District

61.         Wat Nong Chok Temple, Nong Chok District

62.         Wat Laksi Temple, Laksi District

63.         Wat Phraram Kao Temple, Huai Khwang



Checking information including rules and regulations concerned is suggested before going to the above locations. For further information on official locations nationwide for offering sandalwood flowers, please consult the website

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